Legislative Services

One of the biggest keys to success in government affairs is a strong understanding and knowledge of the legislative process. Navigating bureaucratic and legislative minefields is often tricky and requires an ability to strategize above and beyond conventional government relations. CSG legislative services include, but are not limited to:

  • Identify, plan, develop, and implement legislative strategies that address the needs and successfully promote the legislative agenda of our clients
  • Monitoring legislation, including all legislative initiatives from the drafting stages through final passage
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities and challenges throughout the legislative process
  • Perform high quality, objective research and analysis on legislation and policy
  • Educate members of the legislature and their staff, the executive branch, state departments, and outside interest groups on legislative matters
  • Create and maintain various confidential databases, whip counts, committee reports, and staff correspondence relative to legislative issues
  • Navigate departmental bureaucracies to influence regulatory and policy decisions
  • Assist in building coalitions and strategic partnerships to advance legislative and political agendas
  • Seek opportunities to provide high level testimony and position statements to key legislative and regulatory personnel